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Bristol Antifascists

Following previous victories against the British Golden Dawn in London and the EDL in Exeter, we now have a third result in our ongoing game of anti-fascist capture the flag. At the Swansea ‘White Pride’ demonstration on April 5th, anti-fascists from Bristol ran out from the crowd opposing the fascists and seized one of their Celtic cross neo-Nazi flags.

Good work Bristol

Rose City Antifa statement on the SPLC

The SPLC, as the big name and the one with all of the media contacts, doesn’t want to have any competitors. It routinely plays the safe, liberal role of the ivory-tower “researcher,” which, most of the time, equates to scouring antifa blogs for every bit of information that they are unable or unwilling to produce themselves, then publish it without any attribution. Then it’s a quick mashing of a keyboard to condemn the same groups they openly stole information from, and a chastisement that anti-racist work should be left to the “grownups.”

Meanwhile, SPLC investigators provide cursory and slipshod reporting of paleoconservative events and “jacket-and-tie white supremacist” conferences, where the investigators seem to go deaf, dumb and blind the moment the paleoconservatives start to talk about how much they love Israel— oblivious to the fact that the reason they’re saying these things is not due to an overarching love for jews among the paleoconservatives, but because it’s a conflict where non-whites are fighting among each other to the detriment of both sides. They believe that one story on paleoconservative actions a year is sufficient to keep tabs on that growing movement, but are wholly blind to the fact that American paleoconservatives draw membership from neo-nazi street thugs seeking legitimacy— and then direct their fundraising efforts to international fascist causes.

The SPLC doesn’t care about *stopping* fascism, it only cares about “reporting” on it and then hoping it’ll go away under the auspices of a friendly and caring police force. This is impossible when— as the SPLC should be aware— there are still white supremacists in positions of authority and policy direction in all levels of law enforcement. The Golden Dawn is organizing in New York City right now, and *VICE MAGAZINE* has done more serious reporting on the anatomy of the Golden Dawn than the SPLC has. And you can’t call the SPLC on this useless bullshit because the only thing the SPLC truly goes after with any fervor (outside of do-nothing, dress-up costume fetishists like the NSM) are any allegations of “slander and libel.” Then they write another report about the threat of “left wing extremism” and the cycle begins again.




30th April 2013: Atari Teenage Riot + 6000 activists in the streets of Berlin - send a message to Neo-Nazis in Europe.

On the night of April 30th to May 1st 2013 German authorities allowed Nazi groups to march through Berlin. Over 6000 people joined Atari Teenage Riot, the Anti-Fascist Action, and various other anti-racism activists and artists who gathered for a free concert to block the Nazi march! Watch clip of ATR turning the protest into a giant moshpit. HERE

It is always interesting to occupy the anti-authoritarian spectrum of politics because you are simultaneously experiencing strong feelings of disgust, schadenfreude and humor when reading stories about Paultards, paranoid right-wing militants and the whole spectrum of libertarian neckbeards whining and crying about things like militarized border control checkpoints.
Were they not the ones raising a hue and cry to militarize the border for the past ten years? Weren’t they the ones who practically bent over backwards to support Joe Arpaio’s goon-squad tactics?

They elected officials with the explicit intent of militarizing the border, interrogating people for their citizenship status and to intimidate anyone who challenged this rule by force. But because you can’t actually pass laws that specifically target people based on their race, the subtext of “but only apply these iron-fisted tactics to Mexicans” went unsaid, and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass.

Of course, it’s horrifying to think that you can’t actually travel between two cities without being treated like scum, and that shouldn’t happen to anyone— which is why all of those horrible awful nasty filthy communists and agitators and anarchists and brown people protested those laws before they were on the books. Oh well, they made their beds, now they have to lie in them.

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