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The DOJ to train community leaders to spot 'radicals'


This is so, so creepy.

On May 16, an artist, a railway service and a government agency spent $291,978 to block poverty from the public eye.

Called psychylustro, German artist Katharina Grosse’s project is a large-scale work designed to distract Amtrak train riders from the dilapidated buildings and fallen factories of north Philadelphia. The city has a 28 percent poverty rate - the highest of any major US city - with much of it concentrated in the north. In some north Philadelphia elementary schools, nearly every child is living below the poverty line.

Grosse partnered with the National Endowment of the Arts and Amtrak to mask North Philadelphia’s hardship with a delightful view. The Wall Street Journal calls this “Fighting Urban Blight With Art”. Liz Thomas, the curator of the project, calls it “an experience that asks people to think about this space that they hurtle through every day”.

The project is not actually fighting blight, of course - only the ability of Amtrak customers to see it.

"I need the brilliance of colour to get close to people, to stir up a sense of life experience and heighten their sense of presence," Grosse proclaims.

"People", in Grosse and Thomas’s formulation, are not those who actually live in north Philadelphia and bear the brunt of its burdens. "People" are those who can afford to view poverty through the lens of aesthetics as they pass it by.

Urban decay becomes a set piece to be remodeled or romanticised. This is hipster economics.

Sarah Kendzior 

i’d guess you’d call this the banality of evil

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repulsive bourgeois degeneracy

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The project is not hiding poverty, either. When you go through North Philly, a coat of hot pink paint doesnt remove the hollowed out factories, the warehouses with trees growing out of their roofs or the piles of rubble in between houses. It’s lipstick on a dessicated corpse. And the people on the trains know the ruins are still there.

If the purpose of this art was to effect change, it’s failed.

Former Western State Hospital, also known as the DeJarnette asylum. This place was the epicenter of the American eugenics movement, which, if you are not aware, was one of the most hideous and disgusting episodes in modern American history; thousands of “undesirable” or “genetically unfit” children were forcibly sterilized by Joseph DeJarnette because he thought he was “cleaning the gene pool.” His most infamous method was to travel the countryside in a mocked-up ice cream truck with a surgical suite in the back.

Norsewind are lying sacks of shit

How much longer are people going to get away with “playing dumb?” I mean, Keystone State Skinheads (their name before they figured that “skinheads” probably wasn’t the most media-friendly choice) has been a widely known neo-nazi gang since 2001. They have ties to extremely violent neo-nazi gangs like Vinlanders Social Club and Combat 18, and all of ten seconds on Google will provide enough evidence of that.

“Despite Antifa’s claims, the information, photos, and links don’t appear to support this.”

That 2013 Leif Erikson Day gig that they played for KSS– the same gig for which two of Norsewind’s members are wearing commemorative T-shirts on the Philly Antifa Blog– was a massive gathering of representatives from every single neo-nazi gang on the east coast. It had been denounced by both Heathens Against Hate and Heathens United Against Racism before the even took place, so even our community was well aware of the nature of this event. It was not and has never been an event concerned with any aspect of paganism, heathenry or an ounce of history– it’s always been organized by Keystone State Skinheads and they ALWAYS draw out the local neo-nazi boneheads. The aforementioned Combat 18, Vinlanders, Blood and Honour, and the Traditionalist Youth Network were all in attendance at both the rally at the Thorfinn Karlsfeni monument AND the afterparty where Norsewind played– and there are pictures all over the internet to prove it. The rally itself received mass protests from the Philadelphia community (like attendees from the regatta and race being held the same day) so any claim of ignorance of that day’s proceedings on their part is *extremely* suspect.

They didn’t see any “evidence” of “white supremacy or neo nazi or hate”? Combat 18 and Blood And Honour members routinely tattoo white supremacist slogans and symbols on their faces and necks, (like the oh-so-subtle motto “white power.”) and it’s highly unlikely that a whole room full of patched-in members of violent white supremacist gangs are suddenly going to cover every bit of their racist symbology for the benefit of *one band*.

Look, if you have a webpage or even a Facebook page, you are competent enough in the use of the internet to spend half of a minute and Google the organization for which you’re providing musical entertainment. If you find that they’re
an organization incompatible with your principles and morals, you’re entirely within your rights not to play for them. No one forced Norsewind to play for a room full of angry, drunken neo-nazis.

And reading the comment section on this article suggests that there’s a far, far deeper racism problem in the heathen / pagan scene than a lot of its members are willing to admit or confront. If you want to turn paganism and heathenry into a reservoir for white supremacy and neo-nazis, don’t be surprised, don’t be insulted and don’t be offended when you or your scene gets targeted for being an ideological sanctuary for neo-nazis.

And stop playing dumb— all that does is prove that you’re either dumb as a post who can’t be arsed to spend 30 seconds on Google, or you’re a lying sack of shit— and a really poor one too!

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