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All images done by Jack MacBeth and come from his work The Totemic Invocation of Shadow Selves. Images can be found on the Caduceus Books website ran and operated by Ben Fernee. This is a VERY rare book and you rarely come across it, but when you do you can definitely expect for it to be listed for several thousand dollars.

Compellingly focused artwork, from what I have seen. And yes, extremely rare.

Gumbo is a corruption of a Kikongo word that means “okra”. Okra is a Twi word and it’s been associated with “soul” as a meaning. Thus, because we use okra in our cooking, we got “soul food.” So translating the term “gumbo” into the Twi word, we have “soul”. We are gumbo - we are “soul”. The “soul” is a composite of various essences in African understanding but pointing back to one. We are a composite of various African ethnic groups and some idigenous groups that point back to one original source. In gumbo, the roux, the original dark substance, is the foundation of the dish. If the roux is meesed up, so is the gumbo. The file and crawfish in gumbo comes from the Choctaw who used those foods for centuries as nourishment. The Choctaw have a creation story about comin up from a crawfish mound - indicating a close affinity these people have for the crawfish. The file comes from the red autumn sassafras leaves. In rootwork, we use sassafras for good fortune in finances and business. Sassafras is also a bood-purifying when drank as a tea.
Blacks and Occult Power (via especiallytheblackness)

At the Outer Rim of Xiazhoung


At the Outer Rim of Xiazhoung

The track is one of the dark ambient mixes from the last recording period. The title refers to certain archaeoastronomical traditions in China.

United Gods…

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